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About Dubai Garden Glow

The most unique recreational park, Dubai Garden Glow at Zabeel Park is an amazing example of fine arts. Dubai Glow Garden, true to its title "It's a Wonderful World," provides four unique themes that combine art, history, and magic.

The Glow Park is divided into five zones and offers environmentally friendly installations constructed with homemade lights. Visit the Dinosaur Park for a crash education in prehistoric creatures. The Dubai Garden Glow Ice Park will wow you with fauna depicted in stunning ice sculptures, while the Magic Park will delight you with over 25 interactive displays and 3D artworks. The Art Park, the fifth and final zone, features a variety of interesting artworks.

Step into the Art Park, which feels like a different universe when compared to the oppressive heat outdoors, and marvel at Mini Dubai! With a record-breaking 100 animatronic dinosaurs, one of the world's largest dinosaur parks awaits you. Children and family members can learn about the prehistoric age and the wonderful reptiles that existed during that time at this educational and entertainment centre. Explore the Dinosaur Museum's skeletal collection and interactive hubs like the Dinosaur Lab. Finally, take a fantastic stroll through Glow Park, a massive artificial landscape filled with light, where the park changes shape with each season, drawing inspiration from nature, pyrotechnics, and the marvels of the world.


Attractions at Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is located in Zabeel Park. Glow is the world's first themed garden, consisting of five distinct zones: Glow Park, Art Park, Dinosaur Park, Magic Park and Ice Park. Over 10 million energy-saving light bulbs and yards of repurposed luminous materials are used to illuminate the park's brilliant installations and sculptures produced by artists from around the world.

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Garden glow dubai
Glow Park

The Glow Park is a seamless transformation of everyday things into extraordinary components, inspired by nature and wildlife. Everything is here, from the unique undersea world to the tulip fields of the Netherlands. Furthermore, all of the installations are man-made and eco-friendly!

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Garden glow dubai
Dinosaur Park

The Garden Glow ticket price also gives you access to the Dinosaur Park, one of the country's largest outdoor dinosaur parks. Throughout the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods, you will get an option to learn more about these giants, their habitat, and so on including around 120 dinosaurs in the show!

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Garden glow dubai
Ice Park

A trip to the Dubai Garden Glow Ice Park will leave you awestruck as you witness the seamless integration of nature and art to display stunning ice wildlife sculptures. The Dubai Garden Glow Ice Park boasts more than 5,000 tonnes of ice, making it the Middle East's largest ice sculpture park.

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Garden glow dubai
Magic Park

Ever wished to enter the enchanting world of optical illusions? The Magic Park will keep you engaged with over 25 exhibits and artworks. This park utilizes geometric forms to create hypnotic optical illusions that are sure to take you by surprise.

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Garden glow dubai
Art Park

Empty glass bottles, CDs, newspapers, glass vials, plastic dishes, and other waste products are used to create captivating works of art at this environmentally friendly park. Huge animal and bird installations made entirely of waste items can be found here. Art Park is a unique masterpiece of a park showcasing both art and nature in a magical way, and one can access it through their Garden Glow ticket price.

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Know Before You Go Dubai Garden Glow

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Location and How to Reach
Best Time to Visit and Opening Hours

  • Experience the 'Art by Day' and 'Glow by Night' idea as the Sparkling Garden comes to life after dusk.
  • With its 25 exciting displays and 3D artworks, Magic Park provides an amazing and spellbinding experience. The garden displays vibrant sculptures and installations in a magical way.
  • Witness a remarkable combination of art and technology in the world's largest glow in the dark garden, which was created with 10 million energy-saving bulbs at the Art Park.
  • The Dinosaur Park transports visitors back in time with more than 120 animatronic dinosaurs.
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Garden Glow Dubai FAQ's

How do I get to Dubai Garden Glow?

Dubai Garden Glow is located in the Zabeel Park near gate number 6 & 7. The nearest metro station to this popular tourist attraction is Al Jafiliya Station. Once you have arrived at the metro station you can either walk for around 15 minutes or board a cab.

How much time is enough to Visit Dubai Garden Glow?

You will require only three to four hours to complete the entire tour of all 4 parks in the area.

Is outside food allowed inside Dubai Garden Glow?

Please note that outside food and drinks are not allowed in Dubai Garden Glow. You need not carry any snacks as there are multiple shops and eateries in the premises selling delicious food at affordable rates. Before plan your visit to this location, You can also checkout the rules of Dubai Garden Glow .

What is the best time to visit Dubai garden glow?

The best season to visit Dubai Garden Glow is the winter season. The duration between the months of October to May are most suitable as you will witness the transition phase of the art gallery into a glowing land of lights.

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