Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Glow Park

Glow Park has been constituted manually and build with handmade lights.
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What To Expect At Glow Park

A mesmerizing attraction to see, Glow Park in Dubai has something to offer to every kind of visitor and for every occasion. Showcasing a collection of beautiful artworks made from recycled fabric and decorated with energy saving light bulbs, at the Glow Park you can see the tulip fields in the Netherlands, experience a mystical underwater journey and do many more. You can spot everyday objects enlarged to bigger-than-life size at the park. Look out for the musical-ants rehearsal show and penguins welcoming you with sparkling lights. The 4 subsections of the park will take you through an array of animatronic dinosaur models, glowing ice sculptures, craftwork and the art of science.

Garden Glow Dubai Overview

Step into a world of color, glowing lights and artworks in the heart of Dubai at Dubai Garden Glow Park. Located in Zabeel Park, the Glow Park is the perfect family destination to spend a magical evening during the winters. It is a temporary attraction in Dubai but one of the most famous one. Different artisans, technicians and engineers from all around the world display their beautiful artworks and glowing light sculptures at the Park. A sight to see, the exhibition has spectacular art installations on display for the visitors to see such as a giant Jellyfish or a dazzling replica of Burj Khalifa, all made from light bulbs and fabrics. All these artworks are sustainably sourced, made from energy saving light bulbs and recycled luminous fabric. You can even learn more about environmental sustainability while at the Park and explore the eco-friendly creations at the art park.

Divided into 4 different zones, each park offers a unique display of art and sculptures, with something enjoyable to do for all age groups. Explore these different themed Parks and get to see 100 animatronic dinosaurs in the Dinosaur park as well as the mini-Dubai in Art Park, all in one single place, at Garden Glow Dubai.

Other Attractions at Garden Glow Dubai

Dinosaur Park
Dinosaur Park

The magnificent dinosaur installations in Dinosaur Park at Dubai Garden Glow will leave you and your little ones amazed by these giant creatures. With over 120 animatronic dinosaurs on display from different periods- the Triassic, the Jurassic and the Cretaceous ages, the park is a thrilling adventure for everyone.

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Ice Park Dubai.jpg
Ice Park

Take in the marvelous view of the glorious ice sculptures which are in the shape of wild animals, decorated with lights and color. A true work-of-art showcasing the amazing craftsmanship and artistic skill, the Ice Park is a must-visit place at the park.

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Magic Park Dubai.jpg
Magic Park

Enter a world of optical illusion and imagination as you step into the Magic Park at Garden Glow Dubai. Created through visual art and geometric shapes, the mind bending visuals are made to make you experience thrilling adventures such as sitting in the mouth of a dinosaur or walking across a room upside down. These will surely leave you amused with excitement.

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Garden glow dubai
Art Park

Marvel at the work of local artisans who have displayed their talent through a wide variety of eco-friendly creations at the Art park. An other-worldly experience, the park will have you mesmerized by the twinkling lights and visually pleasing artworks which are a culmination of sustainability, culture and modernism.

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FAQs of Glow Park Dubai

Why is Glow Park of Garden Glow in Dubai so famous?

The Glow Park at Garden Glow Dubai is a temporary attraction held once a year in the heart of Dubai. It is a one-of-a-kind Park displaying the artworks of local artisans as well as the creativity of engineers, craftsmen and technicians from all around the world. The man-made giant attractions are eco-friendly and bewitching at the same time. This fascinating exhibition is composed of 10 million energy saving bulbs, luminous recycled fabric and the largest Ice Sculpture Park carved out of 5000 tons of ice. Amazing, isn’t it?

Where is Glow Park in Dubai?

The Glow Park in Dubai is located at Zabeel Park, Gate No- 6 & 7 Area - B - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

What are the experiences in Glow Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

The Glow Park at Garden Glow Dubai has an infinite number of experiences and opportunities to enjoy your visit. You can hear the giant musical ants at their music rehearsal and be greeted by the magnificent glowing penguins. Get your pictures clicked in front of the luminous artworks or record a video with the radiating and gigantic wild animals.

How can I get access to Glow Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

In order to access the Glow Park, you will have to buy the Dubai Garden Glow tickets.

Does my Garden Glow ticket provide access to Glow Park?

Yes, the Dubai Garden Glow tickets provide free access to the Glow Park as well.

What are the opening timings of Glow Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

The Dubai Garden Glow is open everyday from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM at night.

Does Dubai Garden Glow have a Glow Park?

Yes, the Dubai Garden Glow has a Glow Park inside, featuring tons of different luminous attractions.

Is it worth exploring the Glow Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

Definitely! The Glow Park in Dubai Garden Glow is a must visit for anyone who comes here.

What are some of the other experiences at Dubai Garden Glow?

You can make the most of your visit here by enjoying other experiences at the park which include the Art Park, the Dinosaur Park, the Ice Park and the Magic Park.

What is Dinosaur Park at Dubai Garden Glow?

The Dinosaur Park has gigantic dinosaur installations from different Earth periods- the Triassic, the Jurassic and the Cretaceous ages. It has over 120 animatronic dinosaurs on display.

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