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Explore Ice Park in the Mesmerizing Garden Glow Dubai for a Wonderful Experience
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About Garden Glow Dubai

Garden Glow Dubai has opened with a brand-new attraction, i.e., an ice park. This is a beautiful winter-themed destination at garden glow which is maintained at a temperature of -8 degrees. Looking at the Dubai weather wardrobe, you may not have winter wear but do not worry, as coats are provided at the reception to everyone heading into the ice park.

The ice park is designed on the theme of global warming. Inside the park, you can see exciting sculptures made from ice, including dinosaurs, camels, the ice age era, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and much more.

Other amazing highlights which form the part of garden glow Dubai include the magic park. Magic Park houses animal sculptures with LEDs, light shows, and laser effects. The new addition to this season's garden glow festival includes 100 animatronic dinosaurs with a creative installation made from 10 million LED lights (energy saving) and luminous recycled fabrics.

Visitors can also enjoy art installations, an underwater wonderland experience, and a happy forest for younger ones, which is designed for the little ones and is purely made from recycled fabrics. Other attractions at the Dubai Glow Park include art and dinosaurs, which have unique representation to attract visitors.

What to Expect at Ice Park

Garden glow dubai

The ice park at the Dubai Garden Glow is the biggest ice sculpture park in the Middle East, showcasing various truly impressive feats of beautiful art pieces. Every year, more than 5,000 tonnes of feed water is shaped into subtle sculptures of famous buildings and animals. At the park entrance, tourists will be given jackets to handle the temperature of -8℃ (17.6℉) inside the icy park.

The ice park is a valid showcase of the craftsmanship where nature and art converge to represent wildlife.This place is best to soak up the glory and beauty of animals sculptured in ice. Kids will experience it like a Disney movie due to the presence of majestically lit-up animals in white pearl ice.

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Other Attractions at Garden Glow Dubai

Garden glow dubai
Glow Park

The glow park at Dubai Garden Glow is the heart of the attraction, decorated with magical lights installed on numerous themes. Every time the glow garden represents a new theme, this year it features conservation and animals. These attractions are made from handmade lights and fabrics. The construction with lights is done keeping eco-friendly guidelines in mind; however, the garden offers a unique soothing environment to its visitors.

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Dinosaur Park at Glow Garden
Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Park at Garden Glow Dubai is a perfect destination to visit with kids if they are true dinosaur enthusiasts willing to explore more of these magnificent ancient beasts. The installation of these giant creatures at Dinosaur Park will thrill you. You can witness the giant beasts from three periods in the earth's history, i.e., the Cretaceous age, The Jurassic age, and the Triassic era. More than 120 Animatronic dinosaurs are displayed at this park which will roar and move as if they are alive.

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Garden Glow in Dubai
Magic Park

The Dubai Garden glow magic park is a perfect place to explore some amazing optical illusions made via visual arts and geometric shapes. Experience a room where everything is upside down. You can click pictures by sitting in the mouth of the dinosaur with no risk. At the park, these kinds of experiences await you and will offer you much more to please your senses.

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Garden glow dubai
Art Park

Art park is a very different park from other attractions at Garden Glow Dubai. The park is not just a visually appealing destination for visitors. Still, it is also a unique platform that allows a broader representation and recognition for the local artists to show their skills at Dubai’s art park. While visiting the park, you will be amazed to see various beautiful creations. The most fascinating part is that the art park reflects modern scope via powerful messages and eco-friendly materials.

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FAQs of Dubai Garden Glow

What is the Ice Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

Ice Park at Dubai Garden Glow represents craftsmanship with a scaled-down version with nature and art coverage to show wildlife. It is the best place to soak up in the glory and beauty of animals carved out of 5000 tons of ice.

Where is the Ice Park in Dubai?

Ice Park in Dubai is located at Zabeel Park. Below is the address Zabeel Park, Gate No- 6 & 7 Area - B - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Does Dubai Garden Glow have an Ice Park?

Yes, Dubai Garden Glow has an ice park. The ice park here is the massive ice sculpture park in Dubai, which showcases various impressive ice sculptures carved out of 5000 tons of frozen water and are maintained in an indoor park at a temperature of -8 degrees.

What are the experiences in the Ice Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

The ice park at the Garden Glow Dubai showcases more than 100 animatronic dinosaurs, which visitors can play with and view. This park has ice sculptures of various dinosaur species, camels, the ice age era, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Burj Al Arab, and Burj Khalifa.

How can I get access to the Ice Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

To explore the ice park of the Garden Glow in Dubai, you need to visit the garden glow in Zabeel Park. After that, you must buy a ticket for the Ice Park as this park is a separate attraction. Tickets can be purchased from the counter at the entrance of the ice park. You can also buy a pass with complete access to Garden glow and ice park. This way, you can save time and explore Ice Park easily.

Does my Garden Glow ticket provide access to Ice Park?

A ticket to Garden Glow Park will not let you enter the Ice Park. To visit the Ice Park Dubai, you must buy an additional ticket from the ticket counter outside the Ice Park. Or you can book tickets in advance to save your valuable time and get quick access to the park.

What are the opening timings of the Ice Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

The opening time of the Ice Park of the Garden Glow Dubai is Sunday to Friday – 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM Saturday and National holidays – 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Is it worth exploring the Ice Park of Garden Glow in Dubai?

Visiting an ice park of garden glow in Dubai is worth it as it provides the experience of various beautiful sculptures carved out of 5000 tons of freezed water. These giant sculptures of dinosaurs, camels, the ice age era, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Burj Al Arab, and Burj Khalifa will surely mesmerize you.

What are some of the other experiences at Dubai Garden Glow?

Other experiences at Dubai Garden glow include Glow Park, Magic Park, Art Park, Ice Park, and the Dinosaur Park. All these parks are based on different must-visit themes and will give you a jaw-dropping experience.

What is Glow Park at Dubai Garden Glow?

Dubai Glow Park is a beautiful place where numerous mesmerizing sculptures are made with multiple eco-friendly LED bulbs. At night these bulbs glow and enlighten the park. It feels like you are in a different magical world.

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