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Dubai Garden Glow Tickets Overview

Have you ever witnessed the beauty of stars on Earth? Dubai has taken the concept to new heights at the unique Dubai Garden Glow – the largest ‘glow-in-the-dark’ garden in the world. An unmatched blend of artistic creativity and pure magic is on display at this ‘Art by Day and Glow by Night’ theme park. Garden Glow is a proud host of thousands of bewitching art installations created by hundreds of genius artists from across the world. A torch-bearer of sustainable development, every installation in this vast garden has been fashioned out of biodegradable substances. Millions of tiny, energy-efficient LED lamps light up the Garden’s canvas every night for hundreds of visitors.

The Garden has five stunning zones to offer you and your family a never-seen-before edutainment experience. The Glow Park is home to enthralling replicas of Kenyan wildlife, the Netherlands’ Tulip Gardens, numerous marine creatures, and so much more. The Dinosaur Park has more than a hundred dinosaurs hidden away for you to interact with. The Ice Park has brought minus 70-degree temperatures to Dubai’s desert land and even has a mini-Dubai within it. The Magic Park brings the magic of optical illusions alive in its artworks, while the Art Park is a gallery where craft comes from recycled and reused products.

Indulge in phenomenal live performances by local and global artists, and witness grand shows like the Colourful World and Magical Nights. Innovation also stands out in the major highlights of the Garden, like the Talking Tree, Happiness Tree, and Happy Forest.

Experience in Dubai Garden Glow Tickets

The Dubai Garden Glow is an extraordinary edutainment experience for you and your family. As you witness the sparkle of thousands of illuminated artworks featuring wildlife and replicas of real-world structures, your jaws will drop at the artistic skill and creativity. Learn about sustainable living as you are intrigued by innovative optical illusions and biodegradable artworks. Meet and interact with dinosaurs in the largest park of its kind, and prepare to be chilled in the icy winds of Ice Park. Become enchanted by the numerous live performances, all while indulging in delicacies to soothe your appetite. As you walk out of the land of glowing lights, Dubai Garden Glow would have shown you that “It’s a Wonderful World”.


Dubai Garden Glow Tickets Variations

Dubai Garden Glow
Glow Garden Entry Ticket

The Glow Garden entry ticket is your basic necessity for going to Dubai Garden Glow. Witness the world of imagination come alive at nightfall, as the Dubai Garden Glow goes from Art by Day to Glow by Night. Prepare to be awed by the majesty of artistic creativity as you come across thousands of installations made from recycled and reused objects in an eco-friendly initiative. The Garden promises entertainment to all age groups, all while educating you about energy-saving techniques and environmental sustainability. The Glow Garden ticket price includes access to all installations and live entertainment of the Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, and Art Park.

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Dubai Garden Glow Tickets
Garden Glow Magic Park Combo Ticket

Garden Glow Magic Park Combo Ticket is the ultimate package to experience the Dubai Garden Glow in all its glory. The Dubai Garden Glow ticket price includes access to all five parks of the Garden – Glow Garden, Dinosaur Park, Art Park, Ice Park and Magic Park. The Glow Garden houses dazzling replicas inspired by wildlife and installations created from recycled fabric. The Dinosaur Park has 120 mechanical dinosaurs and is the largest of its kind in the world. The Art Park has pandas and peacocks created from the most unexpected items – recycled bottles and reused dishes. While the Ice Park is prepared to awe you with thousands of tons of ice, the Magic Park weaves glowing optical illusions like no other.

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Garden Glow Dubai
Dubai Garden Glow tickets with Museum of the Future

Dubai’s futuristic modernity is encompassed in the ultimate combo deal of Dubai Garden Glow tickets + Museum of the Future. The Dubai Garden Glow is a first-of-its-kind glow-in-the-dark theme park that brings together modern art and ecological sustainability. The five parks of the Garden focus on the use of biodegradable products and recycled objects in the thousands of artworks installed throughout the vast expanse. The Museum of the Future is a thrilling edutainment experience that takes you on a journey 50 years into the future. As you sit in the Museum’s space shuttle, you are transported to 2071, where you witness the future of climate change, ecology, health, wellness, spirituality, imagination, and space travel and living.

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Garden Glow in Dubai
Dubai Garden Glow tickets + Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

Dubai Garden Glow tickets + Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi is the perfect combo deal for families with kids. The Dubai Garden Glow lives up to its tagline “It’s a Wonderful World” with thousands of sparkling artworks celebrating Earth and its inhabitants. Created from biodegradable and recycled objects by artists from across the world, the artworks are spread through five stunning theme parks – Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, Art Park, Ice Park, and Magic Park. As you head to Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, watch your childhood dreams come true as you meet your favourite Warner Bros characters right at their homes. Witness the world of Warner Bros come alive with exciting themed rides and attractions at the six enthralling lands – Plaza, Gotham City, Metropolis, Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, and Dynamite Gulch.

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Garden Glow
Dubai Garden Glow tickets with Burj Khalifa at the Top

The Dubai Garden Glow tickets + Burj Khalifa at the Top is a combo deal that is a bewitching treat for the eyes and the soul. The sparkle of millions of energy-efficient LED lamps at Dubai Garden Glow is enhanced by the innovative beauty of the thousands of artworks on display. An eco-friendly initiative to teach visitors the importance of sustainable living, the installations at the Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, Art Park, Ice Park, and Magic Park have been created from biodegradable, recycled, and reused objects. And the Burj Khalifa is an experience that needs no introduction. As you stand atop the world’s tallest structure, the views you get to witness of the blue oceans, the sandy deserts, and the majestic cityscape are beyond your wildest imagination.

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Garden Glow Dubai
Dubai Garden Glow tickets + Dubai Frame

The Dubai Garden Glow tickets + Dubai Frame package offers two destinations that are a must-visit when you come to Dubai. As you enter the land of glowing stars at Dubai Garden Glow, prepare to be enthralled by thousands of masterpieces of artistic creativity and skill. Designed as a message of sustainable living, the illuminated installations are created from biodegradable material and lit up by energy-efficient LED lamps. The Dubai Frame, on the other hand, captures the stunning majesty of the Dubai skyline within its award-winning design. Witness the new and the old landmarks of the city, and learn about its transition from a tiny village to a world centre at the local museum.

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Why Book Garden Glow Tickets From Us?

Dubai Garden

It is always possible to pay the Dubai Garden Glow ticket price at the walk-in counters right before you enter the Garden. It is, however, highly recommended that you purchase the tickets online. The Dubai Garden Glow is a popular attraction, so the tickets sell out extremely fast. You would have to wait in long queues to buy the ticket, and that will substantially reduce your fun time at the Garden. By buying tickets in advance online, you can get tickets for your preferred date, and also get special packages that will make your trip more fulfilling. You also can avail of huge discounts on ticket prices.

1.) Best deals and discounts Get an unbeatable experience of Dubai and its landmarks at affordable prices. You can avail amazing discounts on Dubai Garden Glow ticket prices, as well as get combo packages that will help you explore the city of wonders to the fullest.

2.) Purchase skip-the-line tickets The popularity of Dubai Garden Glow means that even after purchasing Dubai Garden Glow tickets online, you might have to wait to enter its premises due to the rush of visitors. Skip-the-line tickets are here to the rescue! Upgrade to these to ensure a speedy entry, so you don’t waste your precious fun time.

3.) Book your tickets in advance Booking your Dubai Garden Glow tickets in advance helps to avoid last-minute worries about ticket availability. You can also skip the long queues at the walk-in counters and enjoy your tour with your family. Get bulk discounts on the tickets for booking in advance and also get your money back if you cancel your plans.

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Know Before You Book Dubai Garden Glow Tickets

Checkout the Essential Information about Garden Glow Dubai and Enjoy Elaborate, whimsical flower & animal displays constructed out of handmade colorful lights.

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Location and How to Reach
Best Time to Visit and Opening Hours

  • Dubai Garden Glow is the first-of-its-kind glow-in-the-dark theme park. It has five riveting parks with biodegradable art installations by artists from around the world.
  • The installations are inspired by wildlife, like pandas and peacocks, and man-made structures, like the Burj Khalifa.
  • The Dinosaur Park is the largest park of its kind, where you can interact with 120 different animatronic dinosaurs.
  • The Ice Park is a minus 70-degree land of ice in the middle of Dubai’s desert. The park has animals, buildings, and even film characters created from 5,000 tons of ice.
  • The Magic Park has 3D artworks that will blow your mind with never-seen-before optical illusions.
  • The Art Park has stunning artworks created from the most unexpected objects – recycled bottles and reused CDs.
  • The Glow Park is the most fascinating sparkling highlight, where Kenyan wildlife, marine animals and even the Tulip Gardens of the Netherlands have been replicated.
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FAQs of Dubai Garden Glow Tickets

How many days are enough to visit Dubai Garden Glow?

You can complete a tour of Dubai Garden Glow in a single day. One needs around two to four hours to explore the Garden fully.

Are there any restaurants inside Dubai Garden Glow?

Several food outlets and kiosks are offering various delicacies inside Dubai Garden Glow. The food on offer varies from Turkish and Lebanese cuisines to mouth-watering street food. There are numerous restaurants located outside the Garden as well. A word of caution -food brought from outside is prohibited on the Garden premises.

What are the operating days and timings of Dubai Garden Glow?

Dubai Garden Glow is open on all days of the week. The timings are as follows: Sunday to Friday – 4 PM to 11 PM Saturday and National Holidays – 4 PM to 12 PM It is recommended you check the Garden timings before your visit, as Garden Glow has the right to change park timings and temporarily close shows and attractions for safety and maintenance reasons.

What is unique about the Dubai Garden Glow?

The Dubai Garden Glow is the first-of-its-kind glow-in-the-dark theme park. Its uniqueness lies in the thousands of art installations it houses, as they are all made out of biodegradable and recycled products. The message of sustainable living is further seen in the use of millions of energy-efficient LED lamps to illuminate realistic artworks. Witness the magic of Art by Day and Glow by Night concept in this unmatched magical land.

How to book Garden Glow Dubai tickets online?

One can book Dubai Garden Glow tickets online from the official site of the Garden. It is, however, recommended that you purchase it from trustworthy online tour operators to avail heavy discounts on Glow Garden ticket prices. You can also get amazing combo deals that will help you enjoy the Garden and other attractions to the fullest.

What is the Garden Glow ticket price?

Dubai Garden Glow ticket prices officially start from AED 65. You can, however, avail special discounts and amazing combo deals if you choose to book from online tour operators.

What is included in a Dubai Garden Glow ticket?

A Dubai Garden Glow ticket offers access to the numerous artworks, installations and exhibitions at Glow Park, Dinosaur Park and Art Park. You would have to purchase separate tickets to get access to the Ice Park and Magic Park.

Can Dubai Garden Glow tickets be cancelled?

Dubai Garden Glow tickets, once purchased, cannot be cancelled. You are, however, provide maximum flexibility and can use your ticket anytime within the validity period of the ticket.

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